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Skip Stein

Freelance Writer
Cell: 407.683.6816
Winter Haven, Florida, USA

I am President Emeritus of Management Systems Consulting, Inc. in Orlando Florida and was active President for over 30 years.  As the lead IT Consultant, I focused on Electronic Commerce (EDI) and general process enhancement of IT Operations in companies from Hong Kong to the EU and most major cities in the USA.  I decided to close my company and sort of ‘retire’ to a less stressful way of life and focus on my love of writing.

I am a Professional Writer and Business Consultant with an extensive background in Information Technology and have combined that with my recent experience in the field of Whole Foods for Health & Wellness with a focus on Corporate Wellness Programs.  As a polymath individual I am combining these skills allows me to provide a Unique Consulting Service focused on Total Company Health which encompasses both Employee Health & Productivity which in turn lead to Profits.

I have written professional articles for business, the medical industry.  I have contributed to several Health & Wellness Journals and sites for the past decade.  Most recently I published my first book about surviving cancer.  I design, write content and maintain some 30+ different web sites. 

My business career took me around the world from China to Europe and Canada.  I have worked in most of the major cities of the USA.  After closing my IT Consulting company and being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I refused treatment and decided to Road Trip across the USA.  Now over 10 years after they said I’d be dead, I continue to Write, Work and Travel.  I have written a travel/picture book on our first road trip and hope to publish several follow-on books for subsequent trips.  We have thousands of amazing pictures and my lovely wife does paintings of them.

In addition to my writing efforts, I also maintain some 30+ web sites and am very active on some 15 different social media sites.  I love writing on all manner of thing but excel in Travel and Health Related Subjects.

I am active with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, as a Cancer Survivor Counselor as well as Consulting with companies with a focus on Corporate Health, Wellness and Productivity.  This includes our self-publishing where we have written and published several books regarding Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle, and recipe booklets for organic farm foods.

I have devoted much of my time to research and learning about how Whole Foods contribute to overall Health & Wellness.  As a Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor, I understand how lifestyle changes can impact the progression/reversal of disease.  This background has provided me with an understanding how to build a healthy and vital lifestyle to support the strenuous work demands of today's executive.

Citizenship:           United States of America
Education:             B. S. Business/Psychology
                              University of Houston, Houston Texas

Certification:           CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
                              CDP -  Certificate in Data Processing
                              USUI Method of Natural Healing
Root Web Sites:     WholeFoods4HealthyLiving
                              HJS Enterprises
                              Health & Healing
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