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My name is Skip Stein and I began my business career with HJS Enterprises which I started in 1994 as an Information Technology Consulting Enterprise which later became Management Systems Consulting (a sub-S corporation), but in 2010 was redirected to focus on Healing, Health and Longevity with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living ( after a deadly diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer (

Throughout my consulting career I wrote many technical reports and published in journals but since retiring shortly after that cancer diagnosis, I found writing to be both therapeutic as well as enjoyable.  I am a heterodoxical person or heretical, if you will, on many subjects and belief systems.  So my writings will be on various subjects, highly opinionated and hopefully, enjoyable.

I have contributed to several Health & Wellness Journals and sites for the past decade.  Most recently I published my autobiography.  I also have written a travel picture book that follows our first Road Trip of 43 days and over 10,000 miles across most of the Western USA. Before that I published my book about surviving cancer and co-authored two others with my wife.  I design, write content and maintain some 28 different web sites.

I am a well traveled business professional, having worked for companies across the USA and traveling to Europe and China.  Since 'retiring' I have traveled extensively across the USA on Road Trips and Hiked and seen over 120 National Parks.

I have devoted much of my time to research and learning about how Whole Foods contribute to overall Health & Wellness.  As a Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor, I understand how lifestylediet changes can impact the progression/reversal of disease.  This background has provided me with an understanding how to write about a healthy and vital lifestyle to support the strenuous work demands of today's executive.

Citizenship:      United States of America
Education:        B. S. Business/Psychology    
                      University of Houston, Houston Texas

Certification:    CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor
                       CDP -  Certificate in Data Processing
                       USUI Method of Natural Healing
                       REIKI Level I & II

I have started posting over on SubStack.  Please join me there for my postings on Health, Healing and Longevity.

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