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So you want me to work on your resume with you?  

Most resume mills just cobble together a common resume and charge between $200 and $1500 for the writing; depending on how complex it is.  I do it differently!

When you are designing and structuring your resume, it is a statement about YOU.  Who YOU are and what YOU can do for a company/organization.  If they have open positions, then they NEED help somewhere and we have to find out how YOU best can satisfy that need Better than all the rest of the applicants.  You may want/need several versions of your CV or curriculum vitae, Latin for "course of life. Each different version may present you and your skill differently to present you in the best light to the target company.

Furthermore, I approach resume writing as more of a career counseling opportunity.  You need to set your Goals and Objectives for this job as it is just a stepping stone on your career path.  Lifetime employment is a thing of the past and most people just don't stick around for the long haul.  YOU have to decide if this next job is a stepping stone or home for you for the long haul.  It does make a difference on how we present YOU to the target company/organizations.

So lets get started:

  1. Most resumes are pretty 'standard' and doesn't really stand out.  Many people fail to include some of their life experiences or other jobs/experience they have had.  To much focus on what they have just completed or their last job.

  1. What kind of job are you seeking and how much are you trying to earn?  I expect that your current compensation is not what you need or want.  Also benefits often play a Major role in any job search effort.

  1. A targeted resume will get you more attention so it should focus on how you can contribute to the targeted job/industry.  In my professional Consulting Career, I must have used at least 30 different versions of my CV; depending on job requirements, target company and fee I wanted to earn.

  1. I really hate email addresses at Yahoo, Gmail or other social media site.  It says you don't have a professional approach.  I would strongly suggest you get a personal web site; just for you with minimal background; more of your on-line resume.  You can register a new domain for about $15/year and a web site hosting for about $45/year.  Here is a Simple web site:, it establishes a domain and provides an identifiable email address that makes YOU different from the rest.  Visit my web services site for more information. (

  1. Depending on your goals, I would also suggest you set up a 'Sole Proprietorship for tax purposes. Really easy to do on the site.  It allows you to do business as an individual/company/entity with all the tax breaks of a major corporation.  You can then work as a 1099 contractor or contract employee.  I can help with that as well.

  1. I don't know how 'urgent' an income requirement will be for you; that matters on how you approach getting work.  If you have some time, you can be more selective in analyzing companies to target.  If you currently are working you can begin to explore other opportunities while maintaining your current income level.

  1. Last thing for now.  You have to approach job hunting as a JOB.  It takes work to find the right 'fit'.  Of course, you can always just find work and look for that perfect fit later; but I don't advise that.  You can get bogged down easily and lose sight of your objective.  Keeping your current job can act as a safety net until we identify that company, work or position that is a good fit for your next career step.

All Domain Registrations/Licensing will be in Your Name and Resume Copy will Belong to YOU.